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Focus on the Family is proud to present The Early Classics, a collection of "Adventures in Odyssey" episodes taken from the program‘s first year in production. These 12 shows laid the groundwork for the imaginative writing, lively characters and heartwarming stories that are the hallmark of "Odyssey." If you‘re an "Odyssey" veteran, then sit back and relive a bit of history. If you‘ve only recently started listening to the series, these early shows will be a real treat. The whole family will enjoy these wholesome, values-guidling programs - anytime, anywhere!


  • #1: Whit's Flop
    A young boy with a reputation for making mistakes learns that there's a POSITIVE side to failure.
  • #2: The Life of the Party
    Craig Moorhead's friends like having him around because he makes them laugh. But when Craig faces a problem that isn't funny at all, he discovers his friends like his JOKES, not him.
  • #4: Connie Comes to Town
    Even though Connie Kendall has just moved into Odyssey, she can hardly wait to run away ... and one of the kids at Whit's End has secretly made up his mind that he's going with her.
  • #5: Gifts for Madge and Guy
    With Christmas just around the corner, Whit shares an important lesson about giving! It's a "fractured" version of a classic Christmas tale, in which a couple learns the special joy of sacrificing something precious for someone MORE precious.
  • #6: The Day After Christmas
    Annie can think of nothing but what she didn't get for Christmas. That is, until Whit takes her to visit a group of people who have very little.
  • #7: Promises, Promises
    Connie makes out an enormous list of New Year's resolutions ... and learns a very important lesson about the foolishness of making promises you can't keep - even if you make them to yourself.
  • #10: Nothing to Fear
    Sharon Ziegler is afraid of just about everything. When a real emergency comes up at Whit's End, Sharon is forced to face her absolute WORST fear. Will she discover courage or run and hide?
  • #12: The Tangled Web
    When Connie decides to go to a concert without telling her mother, Whit tells her the story about a young boy named Jeremy Forsythe who learns the hard way that one lie usually leads to another ... and another ... and another.
  • #19: Recollections
    Tom Riley tells Connie about some precious moments from Mr. Whittaker's past - including the beginning of a special and wonderful place called Whit's End.
  • #115: An Act of Mercy
    After Tom forgives Rodney for breaking a fence and stealing apples, Rodney does not pass on that forgiving spirit.
  • #116: Issac The Benevolent
    Isaac Morton tries to put the command to "do unto others" into action -- and ends up causing far more harm than good!
  • #117: The Trouble With Girls
    On Valentine's Day, Jimmy Barclay finds a note in his mailbox addressed to him from Jessie. She thinks he is "the cutest boy in the whole school"... unfortunately for her, Jimmy wants to get rid of her.