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Learning how God wants children to live their lives doesn‘t have to be boring. In fact, it can be fun - and even exciting! By taking familiar biblical teachings and rephrasing them within everyday stories, this audio collection helps young listeners understand these truths more clearly while being entertained at the same time.


  • #56: By Faith, Noah
    In the Bible Room at Whit's End, Whit helps the kids learn an important lesson about faith through the story of a man named Noah.
  • #57: The Prodigal, Jimmy
    Jimmy Barclay decides he's had it with the rules around his house and runs away. But, when a couple of sneaky characters take all his money and he has to go back home, Jimmy discovers just what repentance - and forgiveness - are all about.
  • #58: A Matter of Obedience
    When their father tells them to take some medicine to a sick woman, a young Tom Riley and his sister, Becky, have an adventure in the Gloomy Woods.
  • #59: A Worker Approved
    Robyn Jacobs is always very quick to let everyone know she's a Christian. But, when someone asks her a simple question about the Bible and she doesn't know the answer, Connie helps her discover the importance of daily Bible study.
  • #60: And When You Pray...
    When Jimmy Barclay prays for a bike - and gets one - Donna begins to wonder if there isn't more to prayer than they both think.
  • #61: The Boy Who Didn't Go To Church
    Jack decides that going to church is for the birds - until he takes part in a special play about what can happen when you "forsake the assembly."
  • #62: Let This Mind Be In You
    Trouble results when Whit leaves Connie and Eugene in charge of Whit's End for the weekend! Will the shop ever be the same? Find out on this look at what it means to be Christ-like!
  • #63: A Good and Faithful Servant
    Jimmy and Donna Barclay learn an important lesson about being responsible with what God has given us when their parents decide to let them handle their own finances.
  • #64: The Greatest of These
    Robyn Jacobs is paired with slow-learner Oscar for the school science fair, and she learns an important lesson about why we should love others - even when they don't deserve to be loved.
  • #65: Bad Company
    Connie and Donna discover that how you act sometimes depends on who you're WITH, when they take part in two special kinds of adventures.
  • #68: Choices
    What would you do if someone in authority told you to do something you didn't believe was right? That's the question Lucy has to decide.
  • #69: Go Ye Therefore
    After being inspired to witness like the Apostle Peter did at Pentecost; Connie decides to try it at school - with surprising results.