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It's never a smooth ride here in Odyssey... A national treasure comes to town and is promptly stolen. A mistaken cell phone message sends Connie on an urgent search for the caller. And Marvin gears up for music stardom - but how far can his band go with drums, a cello and Wooton playing "Camp Town Races"? Exciting, heartwarming shows teach lessons on telling the truth, God‘s gifts and family togetherness. So get on board - the bumps in the road are more fun if you‘re along for the ride.


  • #548: Sounds Like a Mystery
    A code blue, a lockdown and something is missing! It's a very tall woman who was standing in New York Harbor. The Statue of Liberty has been stolen! Now that's a mystery!
  • #549: Think on These Things
    It's an interesting trip. And you may agree "I don't think we're at Whit's End anymore!" Welcome aboard Captain Whittaker. Who is this Captain Whittaker? And what kind of danger is the crew in?
  • #550: Fairy Tal-e-vision
    Once upon a time in the land of Odyssey an odd thing happened. What would television be like in Fairy tale Land? I can think of an alert system: like The Fairy Tale Emergency Management Agency has issued a Big Bad Wolf Warning for the entire area. Is it a tale come true or a reality-fantasy show?
  • #551: Stars in Our Eyes
    A TV commercial about Whit's End! This is so exciting! Remember there are no bad ideas in a brainstorm! "Whit's End - you'll never find a place where the unexpected is so - expected."
  • #552: Sunday Morning Scramble
    All over America, scenes like this are being repeated in, oh, so many households. Okay, let's go! Time to get up! Gotta get ready for church! The Sunday morning fire drill is a thriller waiting to happen. Will they make it for the first hymn?
  • #553: Potential Possibilities
    Will academic achievements get "dumbed-down?" Imagine studying, testing and competing to get into the gifted class only to bail out! That's a plan for a well-meaning scholar in Odyssey. Has peer pressure sabotaged the dream?
  • #554: Call Me If You Care
    It's another mysterious drama. There's a message - on Connie's voice mail. It's a wrong number and someone is in trouble. Can Connie and Whit help?
  • #555: True Calling
    Two entertainers, huffing, puffing and reliving their show-business past. The veteran vaudevillians hook up with a rookie writer named Mandy. It's about perseverance, gifts and God's plan!
  • #556: And That's the Truth
    Jack and Whit talk about hiring some help at Jack's shop. So Jack does. Everyone's excited about the new hire - that is, until something goes wrong! It's like a reality show when Jack has to say the words, "You're fired!" It's a tough job - but somebody has to do it and it's Jack's turn!
  • #557: A Lamb's Tale
    A pet lamb ... and Tamika is giving it away. Tamika just wants her pet lamb, Cotton, to make somebody happy. But is this an ordinary lamb? There seems to be a lot of interest from unlikely people. What's up with the lamb?
  • #558: A Glass Darkly
    It's an epic battle between good and evil. Actually, it's just a food fight-really. Not just any food fight, mind you, but a food fight that is kind of "The Lord of the Rings" meets Jell-o. Trent is faced with a trust issue. It's a lesson that we all must go through. Can he trust God in everything?
  • #559: The Coolest Dog
    There are some things that you don't really want to document. The memory sometimes sounds better than what's captured on film. The band? "Los Perros Frescos" (that's Spanish for "The Cool Dogs"). Give them a 10 for originality - anyway. But what does this mean for Odyssey?

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