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Sometimes it's easier to go along with the crowd than to stand up for what you know is right. But are you prepared for the consequences that will follow? Find out by taking a trip to Odyssey - where fun and adventure abound!


  • #65: Bad Company
    Connie and Donna discover that how you act sometimes depends on who you're WITH, when they take part in two special kinds of adventures.
  • #188: The Courage to Stand
    Robyn must decide between lying to her parents and going to a party that isn't chaperoned by adults. Robyn soon realizes the value of true courage.
  • #263: When Bad Isn't So Good
    In an attempt to shake his goody-two-shoes image, Sam Johnson tries to do bad things so people will notice him.
  • #303: All the Difference in the World
    Danny Schmidt goes against his parent's wishes when they tell him not to watch a video because it goes against their beliefs as Christians.
  • #348: With a Little Help From My Friends
    Doing the right thing isn't easy - especially if you have to do it alone! Sam, Connie and June Kendall each experience the negative side of peer pressure - and vow to turn things around!
  • #354: Blind Justice
    The jury's still out and the verdict may surprise you! When Eugene and Bernard end up serving jury duty together, will a disagreement over the case ruin their friendship? And what about the "hidden" facts of the trial?