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In this special Adventures in Odyssey set, Bible heroes come alive with drama, humor and lifelong values in every story! Become a Bible Eyewitness when you join the kids in small-town Odyssey for these 12 adventures.


  • #41: Return to the Bible Room
    Jack and Lucy imagine themselves on a ship in a terrible storm - and in the belly of a great fish with a man named Jonah! Find out what happens to them!
  • #56: By Faith, Noah
    In the Bible Room at Whit's End, Whit helps the kids learn an important lesson about faith through the story of a man named Noah.
  • #161: Issac the True Friend
    Isaac takes a ride in the Imagination Station and learns more about David and Jonathan and finds out how to be a true friend.
  • #231: Hallowed Be Thy Name
    Connie uses BEAVRS to learn about many of the names of God.
  • #304: St. Paul: The Man From Tarsus
    Sam and Rodney journey back to see Paul's life in the Imagination Station which has been modified to allow people who journey in it to become a character.
  • #305: St. Paul: Set Apart By God
    ...Sam and Rodney continue their adventure in the Imagination Station.
  • #346: St. Paul: Voyage to Rome
    All aboard! KYDS Radio presents the story of a Roman Centurion and his son as they take charge of a special prisoner - the Apostle Paul! But when a terrible storm threatens a shipwreck, will the Centurion take matters into his own hands?
  • #347: St. Paul: An Appointment with Caesar
    It's Kid's Radio time again. This time, Jack is telling the story. The story he's chosen is about a young Roman boy named Antoninus; his father, a centurion named Julius; and the remarkable adventure they have when Julius is assigned to take a prisoner, the apostle Paul, to Rome to see Caesar himself!
  • #461: BTV: Obedience
    It's time for another colorful lesson from BTV! you'll go on location to FouFou's Obedience School. Maybe you think being obedient is much too "ruff"! But the BTV crew will explain why obedience is a very good thing!
  • #477: O.T. Action News: Battle at Kishon
    We interrupt your regularly scheduled program to bring you an O.T. Action News Special report. Go behind the scenes to witness an unusual battle in ancient Israel. It's a battle that takes a surprising turn when God shows up. Find out what happens when an army gets its orders from God!
  • #601: Bernard and Jeremiah
    Sometimes evangelism can be frustrating! Especially when no one listens - or even worse - they laugh! Marvin Washington is feeling the pain of the Great Commission when Bernard Walton steps in with a story about Jeremiah - not the bull frog - the prophet! He had the same problem. On the journey, Marvin learns what it really means to be faithful.
  • #622: BTV: Temptation
    Bernard's BTV show explores the subject of temptation. You'll hear cameo appearances from Solomon and his wives. And Joseph makes an appearance too. But what's with the talking plant?