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The kids in Odyssey discover that their attitudes toward money and possessions affect their views on life and their relationships with others - big time!


  • #7: Promises, Promises
    Connie makes out an enormous list of New Year's resolutions ... and learns a very important lesson about the foolishness of making promises you can't keep - even if you make them to yourself.
  • #57: The Prodigal, Jimmy
    Jimmy Barclay decides he's had it with the rules around his house and runs away. But, when a couple of sneaky characters take all his money and he has to go back home, Jimmy discovers just what repentance - and forgiveness - are all about.
  • #59: A Worker Approved
    Robyn Jacobs is always very quick to let everyone know she's a Christian. But, when someone asks her a simple question about the Bible and she doesn't know the answer, Connie helps her discover the importance of daily Bible study.
  • #66: The Imagination Station (Part 1)
    What do you think the most important and exciting event in history is? "Digger" Digwillow finds out with the help of a special invention by Whit!
  • #67: The Imagination Station (Part 2)
    "Digger" Digwillow goes on a life-changing journey - and witnesses the most important and exciting event in history - when he climbs into Whit's special Imagination Station!
  • #73: A Bite of Applesauce
    Eugene and Connie suffer the consequences of their curiosity when Whit installs a new - and very secret - computer in Whit's End.
  • #236: Into Temptation
    Jimmy tries out a new invention of Whit's, the Room of Consequence. By using it, he is able to see the possible results of his actions.
  • #241: Forever... Amen
    A boy named Danny learns an invaluable lesson about guilt and forgiveness when a wish about his baby brother NOT being born appears to come true!
  • #300: Preacher's Kid
    Donna has a lot of pressure on her as the Preacher's kid, and feels like she has to be extra careful about everything she does.
  • #320: Where Is Thy Sting?
    Connie's grandmother passes away. Her father wants a simple funeral, but Connie wants to celebrate a life lived for Christ. How will the wake be worked out? Will it be a dirge or a hymn? It's all a matter of perspective!
  • #321: Hidden In My Heart
    Keep your Bible handy! KYDS Radio has some fun with three rather familiar TV shows involving everyone's favorite dog, space-travelers, and a rescue squad! It's a wacky look at the power of scripture teaching how helpful YOUR Bible can be in difficult situations!
  • #399: Bernard and Job
    Why do bad things happen to good people? Lisa and Nick want to know why God allows suffering. So, Bernard Walton presents them with one of the most famous examples of heartache in human history: the story of Job. He lost his family, his possessions and his health - but not his faith in God - because he discovered the secret of surviving tough times.