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Eugene is back! A shadowy figure in the back of Whit‘s car... Strange sound from the Imagination Station in the middle of the night... Security cameras blur with moving bodies. Why is Eugene‘s return to Odyssey marked with so much mystery and secrecy? Join his friends Connie, Tom, Bernard and Whit to find out the answers. This exciting six-episode collection celebrates the joy of Eugene Meltsner‘s long-awaited homecoming.

This Is A Split Collection


  • #560: The Present Long Ago
    There, Brandon is getting a lesson from his grandmother. It turns out that Brandon is being bullied around at school. In an attempt to help him, his grandmother brings out a diary given to her by someone special from long ago. She tells the story of a boy from the past (Trent) who is being bullied by a kid named Max.
  • #562: The Last "I Do"
    Thrills, chills, daring rescues, chases, and winning the heart of the beautiful girl! That's what Valentine's Day is all about! At least it is once you hear the true story of St. Valentine. Claudius has declared war on families and Valentine fights back! Connie introduces us to the real Valentine, what he stood for and how romance, marriage and families were saved by his heroics!
  • #563: Tuesdays with Wooton
    A lonely boy is accused of stealing mail. All he needs is a friend - and Wooten seems to fit the bill. But can Wooten really trust the boy? Can he help him? And is it worth the risk?
  • #564: A Most Intriguing Question
    It's something big. Whit is working on a secret project. It's more serious than anyone realizes. But the pay-off is worth the trouble.
  • #565: A Most Surprising Answer
    Everyone reacts to the shocking news. Eugene and Katrina have come home? But the explanation is even more surprising. What happened to Eugene and Katrina? Why have they been missing for so long?
  • #566: A Most Extraordinary Conclusion
    Whit has a plan to restore Eugene's lost memory. But not everyone thinks it's a good idea. Will Eugene's memory ever return?