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Could the newest singing sensation be found right here in Odyssey? The popular TV show America Sings! comes to small-town U.S.A., and Connie, Wooton, Bart, and Tamika decide to audition for their shot at fame. But do they have what it takes to be the last singer standing? Meanwhile, Eugene and Katrina are off to Africa in a race to discover the truth about Eugene's past before a raging river sweeps them away! When it's all said and done, what's eventually discovered is far more significant--and memorable--than what was momentarily lost.

This Is A Split Collection


  • #572: Odyssey Sings!
    The ever popular TV show "America Sings" is coming to Odyssey - and the town is abuzz! This could be everyone's chance to be famous and get on television. All they have to do is sing a song. Disappointment hits, however, when they find out that Cryin' Bryan Dern is to be a judge!
  • #573: Back to Abnormal
    Eugene is back in town and looking to get back to his normal routine. However, he soon discovers that he's no longer needed as before at Cambell College and Whit's End, leaving him to wonder what opportunities God has in mind for his future.
  • #574: Prisoners of Fear (Part 1)
    Travel to the jungles of Africa with Eugene and Katrina on an adventure you won't forget. It starts with a pleasant greeting from the pilot, an interesting observation from Eugene and a warm welcome from the villagers - but things take a turn for the WORSE as Eugene and Katrina confront a village curse and follow the trail of a mysterious man.
  • #575: Prisoners of Fear (Part 2)
    On a mission to Africa, Eugene discovers something new about his long-lost parents "... this was my father's journal. He was here." But his quest to learn more puts him face to face with danger - a fierce tribe and a river that villagers say is cursed. Find out what happens!
  • #576: Prisoners of Fear (Part 3)
    Eugene and Katrina are trapped in the very prison that was used for Eugene's father years ago, a prison with a secret tunnel. Eugene and Katrina become fugitives in the jungle and confront a lie that could put a boy's life on the line. Is Eugene's father still alive? And how will Eugene and Katrina ever make it out of the jungle?
  • #577: The Business of Busyness
    It's family devotion time at the Washington's which seems to mean that chaos is in the air! Meantime, Eugene opens a new service organization that may put him OUT of service. Eugene and the Washington's discover something about the business of busyness.
  • #578: All-Star Witness
    Baseball Managers, players and umpires, can get in to some major league arguments ON the field, but Tom Riley's case is different! The question is what law firm will Mr. Riley retain?
  • #579: Always
    Aubrey Shephard is heading off to college, and little sister Bethany isn't too happy about it. Something happens that jars Aubrey on the way to college, an amazing discovery with a definite opinion!
  • #580: Tales of a Small-Town Thug
    Someone has written a book about the wonderful people of Odyssey. However it looks like a hatchet job with tidbits like: The award for "Most likely to be serving ice cream at the age of 85, still with no boyfriend ... Candy Connell." The names were changed to protect... well... It's a new chapter!
  • #581: A Christmas Conundrum
    What does Christmas sound like in your neighborhood? It sounds like Christmas might be getting a bit out of hand in Odyssey. The gifts are getting more and more outrageous and it gets stranger from there ... Hmmm. It's a Christmas Conundrum!
  • #582: Silent Night
    It's Christmas time in Odyssey! Whit is preparing to visit his daughter and the grandkids, but a snowstorm stops him from going. And he's left alone at home. It's a silent night for Whit - a time to remember Christmas past. As Whit reflects, he unwraps a very different kind of Christmas gift.
  • #583: The Champ of the Camp
    Closer than ever to their goal, Eugene and Whit scour their clues - and multiple cities - in an effort to find any connection to Leonard Meltzner. But the most crucial piece to their puzzle lies where they least expect it.