Trapped in a room without any doors and windows. No way of escape. In urgent need of medical care. Mr. Whitaker has found himself in a dangerous situation. How will he escape? That's just one of many mysteries plaguing the town of Odyssey this year. Next, the Statue of Liberty is stolen and every clue points to Nick Mulligan as the culprit. Will he be able to prove his innocence? It's up to Whit and his latest inventions around the shop to help the police solve the case. Furthermore, Connie keeps getting mysterious cellphone calls from a stranger. Why? Will Liz and Mandy patch up the friendship? Will a commercial be made about Whit's End? How has life been treating Jimmy Barclay, who has recently moved to Washington DC? Connie gets to find out as she spends time with him in our nation's capital. And, many people around Odyssey spend time passing around a toy lamb during Christmas. In the process, we meet Grady McKay and his sister Samantha. And, the folks behind-the-scenes of the show try something different. A voting forum was set up on the official Odyssey site to choose from 2 possible endings for "My Girl Hallie". A hard choice, but not as difficult as the one the Washington family has to make. Something has to change for them.
Episode Original Airdate Included In Collection
#535: Living in the Gray (Part 1) January 24, 2004
#536: Living in the Gray (Part 2) January 31, 2004
#537: My Girl Hallie February 7, 2004
#538: Stubborn Streaks February 14, 2004
#539: Called on in Class February 21, 2004
#540: The Girl in the Sink February 28, 2004
#541: Bernard and Saul March 6, 2004
#542: Eggshells April 24, 2004
#543: Nothing But the Half Truth May 1, 2004
#544: Split Ends May 8, 2004
#545: Something's Got To Change May 15, 2004
#546: No Way Out May 22, 2004
#547: No Way In May 29, 2004
#548: Sounds Like a Mystery October 2, 2004
#549: Think on These Things October 9, 2004
#550: Fairy Tal-e-vision October 16, 2004
#551: Stars in Our Eyes October 23, 2004
#552: Sunday Morning Scramble October 30, 2004
#553: Potential Possibilities November 6, 2004
#554: Call Me If You Care November 13, 2004
#555: True Calling November 20, 2004
#556: And That's the Truth December 4, 2004
#557: A Lamb's Tale December 11, 2004