(1998 - 2002)


Key Characters: Bennett Charles (Mr. Charles), Connie Kendall, Jack Wilbur Allen, Joanne Judith Woodston-Allen, John Avery Whittaker (Whit), Tom Riley

Key Places: Novacom, Tom Riley's Farm, Whit's End, Whit's End (Conellsville)

Key Collections: #35: The Big Picture, #36: Danger Signals, #37: Countermoves, #38: Battle Lines

AREM: "What are you looking for?"

Whit: "Did you arrest him?"
Agent Borland: "That's what we came here to do. But, it looks like somebody got here before we did."
Whit: "What do you mean?"
Agent Borland: "Mr. Whittaker, Robert Mitchell.... is dead."

Whit: "It's not safe!"

Mr. Coleburn: "Mr. Charles informed me that for our family's safety we should leave Odyssey immediately, and I agreed. We're leaving.... now."
Erica: "But, no. No, no!"

Whit: "I have this nagging feeling that we haven't seen the worst of it yet."

Tom: "Sometimes I wish they never came to town!"
Whit: "Well, some of us are trying to stop them."
Tom: "Whit! I... I would tear that tower down with my bare hands! I swear I would!"

Tom: "Cal, get off the tower it's rigged, it's gonna blow up!"
Cal: "Blow up?! I'm coming! I'm coming!"
Tom: "Run Alex! Run as fast as you can!"
Alex: "But Cal?!"
Tom: "I'll get him. Just go! GO!!!!"