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Wrap your child tightly in your arms and join Whit, Connie, Donna and others as they experience God‘s unmistakable comfort and strength in their time of need. Though the stories are fictional, the rock-solid truths underscoring them point us to our only hope in times of despair.


  • #36: Kid's Radio
    Whit and the gang take over the airwaves. When they start a radio station at Whit's End - just for kids! Don't touch that dial! Stay tuned and find out what happens.
  • #49: Thank You, God
    It's time to be thankful! Join the festivities when Whit treats several friends to Thanksgiving dinner and to an important lesson about giving thanks to God in both good AND bad situations.
  • #50: Karen
    Donna Barclay discovers the importance of faith when her best friend, Karen, becomes desperately ill. It's a heartfelt look at the reasons we believe.
  • #95: The Very Best of Friends
    Donna Barclay starts acting really strange for no reason, and it's up to Whit to find out what's bothering her.
  • #220: This Is Chad Pearson?
    Every pre-teen girl in Odyssey is trying to win a day with a soap opera star in a contest. Connie wins and we find out that the girls' hero is an ordinary guy.
  • #221: It Is Well
    Whit tells Lucy the story behind the hymn "It Is Well".
  • #280: Gone...
    Eugene and Bernard return to Odyssey after their road trip to discover that Whit has left for the Middle East.
  • #281: ... But Not Forgotten
    Jack Allen stays in town for a while despite the fact that the person he came to visit is no longer in town. But he soon finds out he may have arrived at the perfect moment in time.
  • #344: Letting Go
    Zachary Taylor is having a little trouble with acceptance - particularly when it's his mom's new boyfriend, Blake! But with a little help from a new friend, Zachary learns to "let go" of the past and embrace a new future!
  • #345: B-TV: Compassion
    Just try and keep up! Bernard and the BTV gang have produced another multi-media spectacular, featuring a fresh look at classic stories and a unique quiz show on compassion! It's lights, camera and lots of action!
  • #364: Home, Sweet Home
    There's no place like home - unless you're exhausted! Join in a mad dash reunion! Connie is frantic, trying to catch up with Whit. But Whit just wants to catch a few winks. And Eugene - would like to catch up with his luggage!
  • #365: Clara
    She's sweet, innocent and all of six years old! But she threatens to blow Jack and Whit's long-time friendship apart! Listen, as Jack recounts an emotional tale of love and loss - and love again. And why Clara is the missing piece to a long-forgotten puzzle.