(2014 - 2015)


Key Characters: Buck Oliver, Camilla Parker, Connie Kendall, Dale Jacobs, David Parker, Dee Grant, Dion Farkus, Don Polehaus, Emily Jones, Eugene Meltsner, Eva Parker, Hadley Bassett, Hugo Wells, Jason Whittaker (Agent 1131), Jay Smouse, John Avery Whittaker (Whit), Jules Kendall, Katrina Shanks-Meltsner, Matthew Parker, Miss Rhonda Adelaide, Olivia Parker, Penny Wise-Basset, Randall Edgeware, Vance King, Wooton Z. Basset

Key Places: Connellsville, Whit's End

Key Collections: #58: The Ties That Bind, #59: Taking The Plunge