This year, Odyssey made a split... literally. Some episodes were split in half and featured two completely unrelated stories. Other changes included the newly established Christian retreat center on Tom Riley's property - The Timothy Center, Mr. Whitaker's new room at Whit's End - the treasure room, Whit's new transmuter invention, and the first Whit's End website. Has Odyssey decided to outlaw toys and candy? Has Dr. Blackgaard returned to Odyssey to take revenge on Mr. Whitaker? Did Timothy Riley and his friend Alice really travel to another world? Along with these many questions are many more changes. Connie splits her duties at Whit's End with being a counselor at the Timothy Center. Mr. Whitaker hires Nick Mulligan as the newest employee of Whit's End. And, we meet new characters Alex Jefferson and the entire Shepherd family, who move to Odyssey to work as a family at the Timothy Center with Mr. Riley. Finally, at the end of the year, we join Phil Lollar as he looks back at Odyssey's history, giving insight to the many goings on behind-the-scenes of the show.
Episode Original Airdate Included In Collection
#418: Opening Day March 6, 1999
#419: Another Man's Shoes March 27, 1999
#420: Telemachus (Part 1) April 17, 1999
#421: Telemachus (Part 2) April 24, 1999
#422: Passages: Fletcher's Rebellion (Part 1) September 18, 1999
#423: Passages: Fletcher's Rebellion (Part 2) September 25, 1999
#424: Blackgaard's Revenge (Part 1) October 2, 1999
#425: Blackgaard's Revenge (Part 2) October 9, 1999
#426: The Buck Starts Here October 16, 1999
#427: Something Cliqued Between Us October 23, 1999
#428a: The Eternal Birthday October 30, 1999
#428b: Bethany's Imaginary Friend October 30, 1999
#429: The Y.A.K. Problem November 6, 1999
#430: Blind Girl's Bluff November 13, 1999
#431a: Where There's Smoke November 20, 1999
#431b: The Virtual Kid November 20, 1999
#432: You Win Some, You Loose Some November 27, 1999
#433a: The Treasure Room December 4, 1999
#433b: Chain Reaction December 4, 1999
#434: BTV: Redeeming the Season December 11, 1999
#435: A Look Back (Part 1) December 18, 1999
#436: A Look Back (Part 2) December 25, 1999