(1991 - 1996)


Key Characters: Bernard Walton, Connie Kendall, Eugene Meltsner, Jack Wilbur Allen, Lucy Cunningham-Shultz-Davis, Phillip Glossman, Rodney P. Rathbone, Sam Johnson, Tom Riley

Key Places: Harlequin Dinner Theater, The Underground Tunnel, Whit's End

Key Collections: #25: Darkness Before Dawn

Jellyfish: "Well my friends call me Jellyfish, but you can call me..... Jellyfish."

Butch: "You don't understand, you're in a war."

Eugene: "Execute search program."

Dr. Blackgaard: "Oh, for so long I have awaited this day. Whit's End is mine!"

Dr. Blackgaard: "Fools! Come for me in the tunnel, if you dare!"

Jack: "You can't win Dr. Blackgaard. You know that, you must give yourself up."
Dr. Blackgaard: "Ah, I see. Jack Allen - Christian soilder to the end, stops the evil Dr. Blackgaard and saves the world!"
Jack: "I'm not here to save the world. I'm not even here to save Whit's End. I'm here for you - for your soul. Why don't you put down the detinator so you'll have time to redeem your soul?"
Dr. Blackgaard: "The floor on your proposal is that my soul is redeemable. It isn't. I auctioned it off years ago."
Jack: "Then you sold yourself short. Your soul was worth the life of Jesus Christ. To give it to anyone else is an incredible waste."
Dr. Blackgaard: "Well, as much as I enjoy arguing with you about abstracts, we have a very real dilemma here."
Jack: "It's not a dilemma, if you do the right thing."
Dr. Blackgaard: "Oh, but it is! Giving up is something I cannot and will not do."
Jack: "Then we appear to be at a stalemate."
Dr. Blackgaard: "Oh, no not at all I still have the queen - this detinator. And, I have nothing to loose by using it. You see, dear Jack, my illness isn't an act."
Jack: "What?"
Dr. Blackgaard: "I have a virus."
Jack: "Ruku?"
Dr. Blackgaard: "Then Jason told you. Yes, it seems that somewhere along the line I was expossed to a strain of it, and I will not die that death - it's pointless! So I suggest you run for your life!"
Jack: "You don't want to kill me."
Dr. Blackgaard: "Oh, you fool! WHY WOULDN'T I?! Goodbye Jack Allen!"

Tom: "He set off the bomb! Lord, help us!"
Jason: "No! JACK!!!!!"

Tom: "May God have mercy on his soul."

Radio Announcer: "To other news, it seems to be a beautiful day in Odyssey. Winds are..."